Advantage Program

Long-term care services for the elderly and a limited group of physically disabled adults. 


About the ADvantage Program

Administered through the Oklahoma Department of Human Service, the ADvantage Program is a Medicaid Home and Community Based Waiver used to finance non-institutional long-term care services for the elderly and a targeted group of physically disabled adults. 

Medical Home and Community Based Waiver.

Who Qualifies for ADvantage?

According to the program’s state website, to receive ADvantage benefits, a person must:

  • Qualify financially for SoonerCare
  • Be 65 years of age or be a disabled adult as determined by the Social Security Administration.
  • Be determined to meet the Nursing Facility's institutional level of care by the nursing staff of the Aging Services Division.
  • Not have a diagnosis of intellectual disabilities or a cognitive impairment. 
  • Reside in his or her own home or a family member's home
  • Have needs that can be safely met with waiver services and family or community support

ADvantage program eligibility is contingent on an individual requiring one or more of the services offered in the waiver at least monthly in order to avoid institutionalization. Nutrition, including for special dietary needs, is one of these services. Contact your local DHS office in the three-county area and mention the ADvantage Program, or call DOCServices, Inc. for information.

Providing dignified care to those in need in our community.