Frozen Meals

Nutritional Meals Delivered by a Friendly, Caring Face.

Meal Preperation

Frozen Meal Delivery

Do you or your loved one live outside our hot Meals on Wheels program? Or perhaps you don’t need the daily contact. We have an alternative program that could easily meet your needs.

The DOCS Frozen Meals on Wheels Program was created to meet the needs of those who may not be eligible for the ADvantage Program. Our frozen meals are quality meals produced in commercial kitchens in Oklahoma. We have more than 34 different entrees to choose from. 

This program will supply the following items weekly: 

  • 25 frozen meals of your choice (34 options), 
  • One-half gallon of milk, and 
  • One loaf of bread. 

This plan costs $99 per week and the meals are delivered to your door. Call DOCServices, Inc. to make arrangements. 


This Program serves our friends in rural areas

If you live outside our delivery area, this program could benefit you. Nutritional food is delivered frozen once a month and can be warmed in the microwave or oven.

$99 a week, delivered to your door once a month.

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A successful Meals on Program relies on volunteers and donations. 

Each of our volunteers gives time and love to help others. These people are the lifeblood of Meals on Wheels. Some are retired, some come from religious groups and service clubs, and others work and still find time to volunteer. These volunteers are dedicated people of various ages and backgrounds from all areas of Miami who want to the others. They value the warm personal contact they have with the people we serve and realize a new fulfillment by their outreach to those in need.

If you would like to help, you can volunteer weekly, every other week, or monthly to help deliver meals. You’ll be performing an invaluable service to the home-bound elderly and disabled people of Miami.

Organizations such as churches can create volunteer teams as part of their outreach programs. 

Financial help

Consider giving financial support to the Meals on Wheels General Fund or the Meals on Wheels Remembrance Fund as a memorial. Your service group or church group can also adopt a client to see that nutritious meals are provided to an individual. Your donation is tax-deductible.

Click to make your donation online.

Make checks payable and send them to:

DOCServices Inc.
Meals On Wheels
PO Box 848
Miami, Oklahoma 74355